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A Guide to Meditation

A Meditator's Guide Book

Why Meditate?

Meditation is the science and art of exploring your mind. It provides you with the tools to treat your mind with the dignity and respect it deserves. It’s the most radical thing you can do for yourself and your environment.

It trains your mental wellbeing. This can be done through different forms of meditation that develop different skills needed for a healthy mind. These are:


A wandering mind is an unhappy mind, a focused mind is a happy mind.


Your individual sense of care and kinship that promotes supportive relationships and caring interactions.

Mental fitness framework by Nikolas Konstantin


The capacity to step back, take on other perceptions and empathize with yourself and others.


The ability to align personal meaning, values and actions.

What will you learn?

Mental Wellbeing can be trained. However, most meditation teachers don't know the science. Most scientists don't get how advanced meditation beyond mindfulness works. By understanding the science and the art of meditation you will be able to make use of your mind’s marvelous capacity to change.

Together we will explore how you can train the mind for mental wellbeing. You will learn which types of meditation exist and how to practice to take advantage of your mind's marvelous capacity to change.

  • Page 2: Your Mind - Understand your mind's plasticity
  • Page 3: Mindfulness - Improve your awareness
  • Page 4: Resonance - Connect with yourself and others
  • Page 5: Self-Reflection - Explore your Thinking and Self
  • Page 6: Purpose - Connect your vales with your actions
  • Page 7: Training the Mind - Train smarter with these practices

Who Should Read This?

Intermediate & Advanced Meditators wanting to improve in their mental training: You’ll learn acquire novel insights on mental training and  feel at home in meditation traditions and retreats. Aspiring Meditators that want to train smarter: You will learn which mental training works for you from a scientific and meditation traditions point of view.

Who is Nikolas Konstantin?

Hi, I am Nikolas. I spent the last decade learning from experienced teachers, trained the mind in long term retreats and connected with leading scientists to understand the neuroscience of mental fitness.

I spend thousands of hours deconstructing meditation. As the founder of the Mind Club I am guiding meditations & workshops and supervise a team of experienced meditation teachers and coaches in a virtual meditation program for advanced meditators. I am also training coaches & change makers in mental training through my innovation consultancy Mind Inc. Insights that don't make it into handbooks are shared on my Twitter.

Page 2: Neuroplasticity

Understand your mind's plasticity
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