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🎓 Not Your Average Curriculum

Meditation is the most radical tool to explore and shape your mind.  By training with us you will find more purpose, connection and self-reflection , beyond “mindfulness” and “stress reduction”.

Start to treat your mind with diginity and respect by training different parts of your mental wellbeing. Our curriculum speaks mental fitness:

🌱 Mindful Monday
🌱  Zen Tuesday
🌱  Loving Kindness Wednesday
🌱  Deep Mind Sunday

🤝 Community First

The best things in life can’t be found in an app. This is why we are community first. Think  friendships, support, knowledge sharing and accountability. Now you know what we are about.

🎨 Variety in Style

Meditation is like icecream. Everyone prefers a different flavour. We offer a variety of different styles, traditions and teachers. That way you can choose which meditation style suits you best.

🔍 Deep and Personal

Meditation apps are one-size-fit-all. We go beyond that and help you go deeper in your mental training. And we will be there to help you stay on course.

🏔 Long-Term Results

We don’t believe in empty promises and quick solutions.  But we believe in your ability to grow. Think of us as the sherpa on your long way to the mountaintop. We play it safe and we know the way - but you will have to walk it.

The treasures found along the journey

A mindful meditator

Align actions with purpose

Increase your emotional intelligence

Improve your sleep

Reduce anxiety and stress

Improve the quality of your relationships

Understand the different
techniques of meditation

Let us show you the Art & Science of Mental Training.

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A focused mind is a happy mind. Train your attention and improve your awareness in every day life

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Insight and Wisdom can be earned, train your capacity to step back, take on other perceptions and empathize with yourself and others.

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A life of purpose is a fulfilled life. Train your alignment of personal values with your actions. Find more meaning for yourself and others.

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Emotional Intelligence can be trained. Train your mind with meditations that increase your care and kinship, find deeper relationships and caring connections.

Experienced Teachers to support your quest

Meet the teachers

Nikolas Konstantin

Meditation Teacher & Coach

Introduction into the four categories of Meditation


10+ years of Meditation
800h+ Meditation & Yoga Meditation Teacher, systemic & Transactional Analyisis Coach

Meditation teacher Nikolas Konstantin

Hannah Ruebig

Embodied Meditation Teacher

Heart focused Meditation- Revelation of our love essence using heart, body, senses, energies and spirit


1000+hours of Yoga Alliance certified Meditation and Yoga Trainings + Variety of Spiritual Healing Certifications

Loving Kindness Meditation Teacher Hannah Ruebig


Zen practicioner

Zen meditation - combining the contemplative life with creative practice and social engagement.


8 years of Zen practice under Daizan Roshi and Roshi Joan Halifax. Two year residency at Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Zen Meditation Teacher Rene

Sascha Knoepfel

Meditation Teacher

Intuitive Awareness - cultivating the wholesome qualities of mind and heart


5000+ hours of formal meditation, various retreats in Europe and Asia, member of the Buddha-Haus (Ayya Khema), certified Meditation Teacher by Jack Kornfield

Meditation Teacher Sascha Knoepfel
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Weekly Workshops

A girl climbing a ladder

Let us support you with theory, spaces for reflection and inspiration. 

Our weekly workshops take place each sunday centered around a special theme dedicate to living a reflected life:

Zen Meditation Coach Rene
Every 1st Sunday of the Month

#1 Meditation in the Modern World

You don’t need to be in a zen monestary to life a reflected life. Former Zen Monk Rene will enlighten you how to integrate contemplative practices into a modern life.

Workshop leader Nikolas Konstantin
Every 2nd Sunday of the Month

#2 Fundamentals of Meditation

Meditation is like icecream. Everyone prefers a different flavour. Mind Club founder Nikolas will guide you through the art and science of meditation and his meditation framework.

Intimacy workshop leader Alina and Clara
Every 3rd Sunday of the Month

#3 Intimacy & Relationships

Intimacy starts with yourself. Alina and Clara will share how to cultivate deeper relationships and intimacy in your life

Reflect the month workshop with Anja Thiem
Every 4th Sunday of the Month

#4 Reflect and Play

We don’t learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.  Systemic coach Anja will lead you through a playful reflection of your month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the membership price?
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Currently we only ask 20€ for access to the membership.

What time do the classes & workshops begin?

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Daily meditation live sessions begin at 8 am CEST (weekdays) and 10am CEST (Weekend). Weekly workshops take place each sunday 5 pm CEST. More classes will be introduced in the future.

Do I need previous meditation experience?

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You don't need to be advanced in meditation. We are focused on helping mind explorers grow in their mental training. Advanced & intermediate meditators already know that community and daily practice with experts is where personal growth happens. But if you are a beginner and stay committed you will advance fast and find yourself in good hands.

Are you virtual only?

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Our story began guiding long term meditation retreats in person. When COVID-19 came we built the mind club to allow you to integrate meditation in your daily life from anywhere in the world. However, we are planning to hold yearly retreats in the future again.

How does the community work?

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Joining our community is easy. Once we have vetted you and think you are a right fit for the community you will receive access to our app (online & IOS) where you can introduce yourself, start conversations and join community initiatives.

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